If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, the grieving process makes it very difficult to deal with the fact that they may have died as the result of the negligence of another person. At Reed Law, we represent people in wrongful death cases across the State of Michigan. We understand that family members have more questions than answers after the death of a loved one. Reed Law hopes to provide you with answers and guide the loved ones going through this difficult and painful time.

Tragically, there are so many accidents and acts of negligence that can cause the death of a loved one. At Ford & Murphy we have experience handling all types of personal injury and negligence cases causing death:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents 
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Truck Accidents 
  • Defective Roadways
  • Boating Accidents 
If a loved one has died as the result of the negligence of another individual or corporation, the lawyers at Reed Law will treat your family with compassion and ensure that your case is handled with care from start to finish.  Reed Law is a local attorney who cares about the community. Reed Law understands that personal connection and communication with loved ones is just as important as tenacious representation.

Estate Proceedings

In Michigan, we have a specific statute that deals with wrongful death actions. This statute gives family members the right to make claims for compensation if there is a settlement after either a lawsuit or probate court action. In order to proceed with any wrongful death case in Michigan, those with priority to become personal representative need to file a probate court action to open an estate for the deceased. Our law firm has many years of experience opening estates to pursue wrongful death actions and can walk you through the entire estate process so that you can focus on family.

If you have any questions about the probate court requirements in Michigan, the lawyers at Reed Law have your answers. Allow us to guide you through this mandatory requirement and serve you and your family members at the highest level of professionalism.


Michigan Wrongful Death Process

In Michigan, there is wrongful death statute or law that governs who can make a claim for damages after the loss of a relative. However, after the probate court estate appoints a personal representative, the lawyer for the estate may have to file a lawsuit to obtain a verdict or settlement on behalf of the deceased.  Here is a quick overview of the process in Michigan.

     Accident Reconstruction
     Cause of Death and Proximate Cause Issues
     Contingency Fee and Hourly Fee Billing
     Wrongful Death Statute
     Statute of Limitations
     Wrongful Death Damages
     Discovery Process
     Mediation and Arbitration
     Jury Trial

The issues listed above outline a small example of things that may come up in a Michigan Wrongful Death action.  It is important that you speak with a qualified attorney who can understand this difficult time and help you through it each step of the way. 

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