Bankruptcy Law


“We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code”
Debt relief assistance may include bankruptcy relief.

Bankruptcy Law
 $945.00* Chapter 7 Bankruptcy!  

 (All required counseling/education courses and credit reports are included!)

$500.00 down can get you started today!

What is bankruptcy? 

Personal bankruptcy is a federal legal proceeding that is designed to help people overcome the pressures and financial issues caused by overwhelming debt. For consumers, there are basically two types of viable options, Chapter 7, where a debtor does not pay anything to creditors, and Chapter 13, where the debtor must participate in a supervised repayment plan, paying what you can afford to the creditors. Both chapters can be filed individually or as a married couple. A married person can file individually or jointly.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that part of the code that deals with liquidation. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is called a "Fresh Start" bankruptcy because it eliminates most of an individual's debt including, unsecured credit card debt, medical bills, judgments, and loans.

Typically, under a chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor may be able to keep their home or car by reaffirming the debts and keeping payments current. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires that the debtor (filer), disclose all assets to the court. The debtor’s non-exempt property is liquidated and creditors are paid from the liquidation. If the liquidation does not pay off a debt, the debt is discharged and creditors are unable to pursue credit actions.

What can Bankruptcy do for me? 
A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stop a collection lawsuit, a wage or bank account garnishment, a tax garnishment, harassing phone calls, and even help stop or delay the foreclosure process allowing you to save your home.  Once you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy all collection efforts against must stop immediately, giving you some room to breath!  Call Reed Law today to stop the calls and the threats from creditors. 

*$945 attorney is for non-business debtor Chapter 7 filing.  Attorney fee does not include federal court filing fee (Currently $335).  Some additional restrictions may apply depending on your circumstances. Please call for additional information.