Michigan Small Business Formation and Development

Reed Law is dedicated to helping develop and grow small businesses.  Reed Law provides custom and personalized legal services, including formation, counseling, and consulting for any new or established Michigan business; however, Reed Law appreciates that many   entrepreneurs take a hands on approach to starting a company and that is why we developed The Reed Law Virtual Office.

If you do not require require the professional service and counseling in choosing a corporate structure, customizing by-laws and operating agreements, preparing share division agreements, drafting unique investor contracts, managing intellectual property, establishing employee and employment policies or require professional legal counseling or representation, than the The Reed Law Virtual Office will fit your business formation needs.  Our online services will provide you with the documents to form an Sub S Corp, C corp, Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietor, or General Partnership.
Reed Law believes in small business and in your ability to make your dream grow.  We also know that even the most competent business owners may need some assistance.  Reed Law provides documents and limited advice for the start up business at an affordable cost.  This online access provides hands-on owners the ability to save money while obtaining limited legal advice. 

Our incorporation services provide you with everything you need at fixed price.  We use the information you provide to prepare your documents, review your request, and provide legal advice on your prepared documents.  Once completed, you can pay our fixed fee and you have an attorney reviewed document ready for your business. 

Check out our online legal services.

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